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The Drifting Soul

I am this boat,,

Drifting somewhere in the space between earth and sky.

Sometimes I can’t see where one starts and the other stops.

I’m on this earth but I don’t feel like I fully belong to it.

My real home is somewhere that I’ve heard about but I’ve never seen.

So for now I struggle here between the two.

My feet are on the ground but my eyes look toward heaven.

I look to The One who raises the beggar from the dust.

The One who heals the broken hearted.

The One Who carries me when I can’t go any further.

The One who can fill my heart with JOY even in life’s storms.

My only reaction to such a Being is to fall down on my knees in worship.

One day I will see Him face to face.

That is the hope that I hold onto.

And it Anchors my drifting soul….

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