I picked up a guitar at age 12 and have never put it down.   

I love music. I love attitude. I love a good hook. 

But mostly I’ve come to find the meaning of ALL of it,  

through a love for God and His Son Jesus Christ.

I’ve found that, 

Achieving your goals doesn’t satisfy.

Money doesn’t satisfy.

Self Indulgence doesn’t satisfy.

Even music didn’t satisfy me.

All of these things are nice….. For a moment. 

But then you're left with what feels like an itch that you can’t scratch. 

It wasn’t until I turned my heart toward God, the Creator of all things, that I found meaning to my life. 

It wasn’t until I found redemption through His Son Jesus Christ, that I was able to begin giving back instead of always taking.

Up until then I was just on an endless, empty quest to please myself.

Now, I see each day as an opportunity to give back to the One who created me, by showing His love to others.

I don’t always nail it. But God gives me strength to keep trying to be better.

The satisfaction will come when at the end, I stand before Him and He says,

“Well Done!”

God has given us the gift of music. I am just borrowing it and giving it back.

I hope that whoever hears these songs is blessed by the message and maybe enjoys some nice grooves along the way!

God Bless!