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A Good Father is,,,

Father's Day is this Sunday.

Maybe you had a great father who loved and cared for you.

Maybe you had a lousy father who hurt you.

Maybe you never knew your father.

Or Maybe he meant well or tried his best but let you down.

Maybe you ARE a father.

You've tried but failed at times. You wish you could've done better. You wish you could have given more of your time or provided more.

You beat yourself up about it.

Maybe you've given it all you had. You sacrificed and did a good job. And things didn't turn out the way you had hoped.

See, we are all human. We are flawed. We make mistakes. We disappoint others and we are disappointed by others.

But there is a Father that loves us so deeply, that He sacrificed His own Son for others. Others that may not even care.

Imagine giving up something or Someone so dear to help someone else who may even reject your gift or not even appreciate it?

That's the part of God's love that is so hard to get my head around. Did He love me, a failure and a selfish brat, MORE than His Son? I mean He heaped my deserved punishment on Jesus, who didn't do anything to deserve it. I have to ask myself, how is that just and how is that love towards His own Son Jesus? Well, God knows something that I don't.

Jesus is quoted in the Bible as saying things like,

“I, and God the Father are one".

and, "No one takes my life but I lay it down willingly."

So this tells me that it was a joint decision. God didn't hog tie Jesus and throw Him to the wolves. Jesus volunteered. There is so much about the concept of the Holy Trinity that I can't comprehend. But God the Father and Christ the Son are one. And the Love that was shown to us on earth by them is beyond human understanding.


There is a Father in Heaven who will never leave us or forsake us. Who goes after that one lost sinner to bring them home.


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